„Her anarchic approach to high end inkjet printers is refreshing (to say the least): she is subverting the main reason for the existence of such printers - that of reproducing ad infinitum and with accuracy and consistency any digital file sent to them. Instead, by redefining the whole idea and purpose of the cartridges she is making works that can only exist in their original print form as one-off prints: reproduction can only be by means of photocopying or photographic reproduction. Or, I guess, by scanning in a subverted print and then printing it out on a 'properly' set up printer - a sort of 'cure' for subversion!“ – Richard Noyce (UK)

Schaufenster 2011

VICE 2011

Rondo 2008

Peng! 2008

Report 2006

Video: Anna Ceeh & Wiener Aktionismus im MUMOK